Introducing Wakbat. My wife and I love being outdoors and playing sports. Because of our love for yard games and friendly competition, we decided to share Wakbat with the world. Wakbat is our own invention; a patent pending, thrilling yard game. Wakbat is the beautiful lovechild of the classy, timeless cricket and the nostalgic, patriotic game of baseball. Wakbat is simplified for the perfect two vs. two or three vs. three-yard game.  

We have taken Wakbat and made it portable and easy for all to play and enjoy. Wakbat can be played anywhere! Perfect for a day at the beach, a stroll in the park, or in your very own backyard!


The Set Up

Wakbat is played 2 vs 2. Team 1 starts by throwing the ball into the Wakbat goal. The defending team attempts to hit the ball away from the goal. The objective is to reach 50 points.

The official distance between the goals is 30 feet. This distance should be measured from the front of one goal to the front of the other goal (depending on players choice, age, and experience.) Goals can be moved for most enjoyment.

Step One: Set up the goals as depicted above. 

Step Two: Find a group of friends and start Wakbatting away!

Play consists of four players divided into teams of two; the Throwers and the Hitters. Members of the same team stand at opposite goals. While throwing the ball, the Throwers must stand behind the goals (can be to either side) while Hitters attempt to hit the ball away from goal. Throwers alternate pitching the ball. If the Throwers throw the ball into the goal, they get 10 points and switch positions with the Hitters. Hitters cannot goal tend (cannot stand in front of the goal while Thrower is throwing).  

Hitters must stand to the side of the goal and attempt to hit the ball away. When one Hitter hits the ball, (the Hitter must hit the ball past the middle of both goals to be able to run) both Hitters run to the center of the field (in the middle of the two goals) and touch bats. They then run back to goals to obtain 5 points repeating this until Thrower returns to their goal or touches Hitter with the ball before they return to their goal. (if Hitters don’t touch bats when they run to the middle no points are gained.)

If the Hitters are not touching the goal when the Thrower returns to the goal with the ball and the Thrower touches the Hitter or goal, the teams switch positions and the Throwers gain 5 points. If the Thrower doesn’t throw the ball into the goal or ball is missed by the Hitters, Hitters cannot run.


· (Throwers) Throw ball into goal – 10 points for Thrower

· (Throwers) If Thrower catches the ball after being hit, the throwing team gets 5 points and teams switch positions (Hitters become Throwers and vice versa).

· (Throwers) If the Hitter gets pegged with ball during pitch – 5 points for Hitter

· (Throwers) If Hitter strikes out (or gets touched by ball) – 5 points for Thrower

· (Hitters) Touch bats in center and return to goal – 5 points per touch

- If Throwers get Hitters out before Hitter returns to base no points are gained

· If Hitters wak the ball into opposite goal – Automatic win

· (for backyard play only) If Hitter hits ball over fence - 15 points for Hitting team

· The winning team has to reach 50 points

· If longer game desired, you can play to 70 or 100